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iTechnolabs is a leading Flutter app development company that holds expertise in the development of next-generation applications using Flutter. Flutter is an open-source mobile and web software development kit (SDK) that works equally with iOS and Android. By using Flutter, our Flutter app developers create dynamic and feature-loaded applications for desktop, mobile, and web with a single codebase. 

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When you say Flutter app development company, you hear only one name – iTechnolabs. We are the path to your Flutter App dream. All you have to do is to reach out to us. Our team of developers will understand your vision and develop a Flutter application that is exactly as you dreamed.

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What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is simply a Google-designed software development kit (SDK) that is used to create exemplary applications for diverse operating systems. Flutter app development comprises using a singular codebase and programming language to build applications that run on android as well as iOS devices.  

The effective time to build Flutter applications reduces due to the simplicity of its programming language ‘Dart’. Flutter allows you to use custom widgets to create dynamic applications with captivating designs. iTechnolabs’ Flutter app development services makes complete use of Flutter’s special features to provide you with satisfactory experience.

This SDK offers more features for less. One Flutter developer can build solutions for two different platforms (iOS as well as Android)

It will definitely not be an overstatement if we say that Flutter is the jewel in the crown of a developer. This is reason enough that many giant applications have been created or are using Flutter.

Use Single Flutter Codebase for a Website and a Mobile App

Let’s Discuss Your Flutter App Development Project!

Use Single Flutter Codebase for a Website and a Mobile App

Let’s Discuss Your Flutter App Development Project!

Flutter App Development Process

iTechnolabs stands by you at each and every step of the development process of your Flutter application. From racking our brains for your application idea to providing 24*7 maintenance and support, we are there for you. 

Framing the Roadmap

As an efficient Flutter app development company, iTechnolabs endeavors to formulate a concrete roadmap for your app idea. We define the structure and detail out the functionalities of your application.

Building Architecture & Design

Using modern wireframing tools, our Flutter app developers turn up with a well-structured architecture for your application. We embed it with a captivating UI/UX design to create a fulfilling user experience.

Consistent Development

Our Flutter app developers create your application via Agile framework through which you will be able to record the development process on a real time basis. Constant modifications will be applied to your Flutter application after QA Testing.


As and when your Flutter application clears the QA testing, it is ready to be released onto the platforms such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Maintenance and Support

Our Flutter app development services do not end here. We will provide persistence maintenance and debugging services to your application.

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Let’s Discuss Your App Idea With
Our Flutter Experts Now

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Technology Frameworks



Android Studio

Cross platform


React Native













Design Tools​


Adobe XD


After Effects




Diverse packages, designs and development tools are put into use to build your Flutter application. iTechnolabs’ Flutter app developers make effective use of such tools and techniques to provide the users of your Flutter application a mesmerising experience.

Convert Android App to Flutter

iTechnolabs, as a Flutter app development company, has been designing Flutter App for years. We have the ability and the expertise to transition your existing android application to the Flutter framework to make its performance steady and efficient. Doing so helps your application to run smoothly over various operating platforms.

Convert iOS App to Flutter

When it comes to transporting your current iOS application to Flutter open source framework, iTechnolabs have the dedicated Flutter app developers to do so. Our dedicated developers work diligently to convert your iOS app to Flutter app so that it runs efficiently irrespective of the platform.

Migration of the Flutter App

We assist you in migrating your Android and iOS app development to Flutter. Our Flutter app development and deployment team specializes in porting your current app across platforms and operating systems. We are the Flutter app development business that the world relies on to create platform-independent applications.

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